Saturday, 22 October 2011

Blizzcon : Heart of The Swarm

Heart of The Swarm : Expansion for Starcraft 2

Ok, this is really exciting, Ihave been waiting a long time for this. Blizzard has finally release a preview of the new units and abilities in Heart of the Swarm. Here is a video preview, near the end of this video you will see the new units.

Protoss New Units for Heart of the Swarm:
Protoss have their Mothership and Carrier removed, and replaced by this new units. Although this is the initial preview so changes might be made in the future.


The tempest is an aerial unit. It does aerial splash attack and is good against light armored units such as Mutalisk. It also has a ground attack. the role of this unit is to gain air superiority;


The Oracle is built from the Stargate. Its main role  is to raid and harass the enemy. Among its abilities are that its able to block certain mineral patches from being mined (the ability is called Entomb). The other ability called Preordain provides vision of a targeted enemy building, allowing the player to ses what technologies are being researched and what units are being build. It can also disable building like missile turrets from attacking.


The Replicant is essentially a shape shifter. It can shape shift to whatever units it chooses. In the demo, it shape shifts into a Terran Siege Tank. It will acquire whatever upgrade that the units have.

New Abilities
The Nexus now have 2 new abilities:
1. Arc Shield : Adds a shield to buildings and allows it to attack light units
2. Mass Recall : Nexus can now cast mass recall;

Retired Units
Mothership and Carriers

Terran New Units for Heart of the Swarm:
Terran has some few units added.


The Shredder is built from the factory. It can channel an area of attack damage like a whirlwind. It damages both air and ground units. However, if there is a friendly unit nearby, the attack will stop.


The Warhound is a mech much like Thor. Since Thor is limited, this unit might replace it. the difference between Warhound and Thor is that it is much more smaller and nimble. It does attack both ground and air units.

The Thor is limited to one at a time, similar to a mothership. It is bigger and slightly better. Its attack does splash damage. And for the time being, it does not have any air attack.

New Abilities
1. Helion : Helion can now transform from mobile to siege mode. It gains armor but loses mobility.

Zerg New Units for Heart of the Swarm:
Zerg has some few units added. 


The Viper is another support unit for Zerg. It has the Blinding Cloud ability that prevents range units from attacking and casting spells, similar to Dark Swarm from Starcraft 1. the second ability is Abduct. This ability is like a grappling hook that pulls both friendly unit or foe to the Viper location. You can use this unit to kill running Colossus or save your units from being killed.

Swarm Host

Swarm Host is a slow moving unit. Upon burrowing, the Swarm Host can spawns locusts to attack enemies.

New Abilities
  1. Siphon : new ability for Corruptor, this ability allows Corruptor to target buildings and slowly damage them. The damage is converted to resources for the Zerg. 1 resource per second roughly.
  2. Burrow Charge :new ability for the Ultralisk, The Ultralisk burrow and pops up at the target location damaging units.
  3. Baneling : Can now move while burrowed!!!
  4. Hydralisk : now has a new upgrade that allows it to move faster off creep
Removed Units

PC Gamer has a full list of the changes that you can check out here :

Also you can visit team liquids site here :

Friday, 14 October 2011

Maple Story Adventures: Sky Scraper update

Maple Story Adventures: Sky Scraper update

Okay, so probably this is not a new update. But i has been a while since i wrote and played MSA. This update is quite old, i think about few weeks old. 

There is a new map in MSA, The Sky Scraper. This update features new quest, new items and new bosses.

You can get to Sky Scraper by plane. First, you need to head to Kerning City Town. In the town, head right and you will meet NPC Irene. She will ask you either you want to head to Mushroom Castle in Sky Scraper, just click okay and you will be brought to the sky scraper map.

There is however a level requirement, the level requirement to get to skyscraper is level 16, which is not that high. So once you are level 16, why don't you give it a try. 

For the time being, there are only a few maps that are opened, they are; Mushroom Castle Wall Edge, West Castle Tower, Grey Yeti and King Pepe Castle, East Castle Tower and Outer Castle Wall.

Here is a short list of the tower mobs and level requirements:

Mushroom Castle Wall Edge : Level 16
NPC: Prince Giuseppe
Monsters : Jr Pepe (Lvl 16)

West Castel Tower: Level 17
NPC: Bull Dog
Monsters : Drumming Bunny (Lvl 17)

Grey Yeti and King Pepe Castle : Level 18
NPC : Violetta
Monsters : Helmet Pepe (Lvl 18)
Boss: Grey Yeti and King Pepe (Lvl 20)

East Castle Tower : Level 79

Outer Castle Wall : Level 80

Maple Story Adventures : Update

Maple Story Adventures : Update

It's been a weak since i played MSA. I just found out that there was a huge update made to it over the week. Here is the list of the updates :

MapleStory Adventures has been updated to version 1.12.  The following is a list of changes. 

Home Has Been Added
Players now have their own Home space that can be visited by clicking the Home icon.  Here is a summary of what you can do in your Home:

  • Harvest reactors for EXP, Gold, and Collection items
  • Claim your Daily Bonus and Free Pizza at the Maple Mailbox
  • Craft recipes with Yulete
  • Enchant equipment with Alberich

(Yulete and Alberich have been removed from the towns.  All Crafting and Enchanting is now done in your Home.)

Visit Your Friend’s Home
When you are Home, the “Hire” button on the friend bar becomes the “Visit” button.  You can visit your friend’s Home and harvest their reactors for EXP, Gold, and Heart XP.

New Collections
New Collections have been added for the Home reactors.

Tutorial Improvements
Various improvements have been made to the Tutorial, including an introduction to your Home.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Monster Fusion facebook game

Monster Fusion facebook game

It's been a while since i updated my blog. For the past few weeks i have been playing a new game called Monster Fusion. Monster Fusion is a game developed by Headlock, Inc. a company from Japan. The game is not really that new, its been launched in June and has a growing number of players since. 

In Monster Fusion, players are required to trained monster obtained from Gacha machines and  battle other monsters. The game is similar to Pokemon. I fin the game quite addictive as the monster obtain from the Gacha machine has a rarity factor. It ranges from common to epic. 

The game not only let players players battle it out with each other, there a re also storyline that you can follow by completing the story quest. There are a few quest type in Monster Fusion, story quest, job quest and battle quest. Each of these quest consume quest point. These point will recover once every minute just like any  standard games on Facebook.

One of the unique features of this game is the fusion system. Player can fuse monster to make the monster stronger. Upon fusing a monster, the monster will have an increased in attributes such as stamina, agility or attack power. 

The game also uses a rock, paper scissor method where each element type is stronger than others. For instance, a fire element monster is strong against wind element but weak against water element monster. So it is crucial to balance your lineup with different type monster to make sure you have a strong team. 

I will try to get Monster Fusion guide up and running once i have more time. Until then, hope you have fun playing this game. Here is the link to the game : Monster Fusion

Monday, 12 September 2011

Maple Story Adventures Guide : Fashion

Maple Story Adventures Guide : Fashion

Fashion are items that you can equip in Maple Story Adventures. Fashion items provide cosmetic changes and does not add any stats or give any extra abilities or enhancements. Fashion item in Maple Story Adventures can be obtain in various ways; doing quest, hunting monsters, box drops or buying from shops.

Here are a short list of fashion items that you can obtain via doing quest:

O. Mushroom T-shirt :
Npc : Bruce
Location : The Road to Henesys
Quest : Archeological evidence and restoring the ancient organism

Newspaper Cape:
Npc : Maya
Location : The Hill West of Henesys 2
Quest : Medicine for mother and one more favor.

Mummy Wrap:
Npc : Jane Doe
Location : the Road South of Kerning City 1
Quest : Bandage for the soul and a friendly gesture

Beige Galoshes
Npc : Ayan
Location : West Street Corner of Perion 1
Quest : Fellowship of the firewood and a traveling companion.

Npc : Ryden
Location : Stumpy Area
Quest : Ryden's bluff and walk the talk.

HoneyBee Costume:
Npc : Flora the Fairy
Location : Tree Rod Area
Quest : Ruined Garden and Re-Blooming flowers

 Here is a list of fashion items dropped from box:

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Maple Story Adventures Guide: Bosses

Maple Story Adventures Guide: Bosses

What are bosses in Maple Story Adventures?
How do i kill the bosses in Maple Story Adventures?
What do bosses drop in Maple Story Adventures?

Bosses are extra strong monsters. There are only one boss for each map in Maple Story Adventures. Each time you kill a boss, you will get elixir, map boxes, large sum of money and experience. Each time a boss is killed, it will re spawn in a given time. The higher the level of the boss, the longer it takes to re spawn.

Here is a list of bosses  in Maple Story Adventures:

King Slime

Level : 11
Map found in: Henesys
Spawn Location: King Slime Area
Monster Drop:Henesys Mystery Box,Henesys Treasure Box, Gold, Elixir
Collection: Royal King Slime Treasury

Black Knight
Level : 19
Map found in: Kerning City
Spawn Location: Black Knight Area
Monster Drop:Kerning Mystery Box,Kerning Treasure Box, Gold, Elixir
Collection: A Black Knight Has Dark Secrets

Level : 19
Map found in: Perion
Spawn Location: Stumpy Area
Monster Drop:Perion Mystery Box,Perion Treasure Box, Gold, Elixir
Collection: Stumpy's Deepest Fear

Tree Rod

Level : 28
Map found in: Ellinia
Spawn Location: Tree Rod Area
Monster Drop:Ellinia Mystery Box,Ellinia Treasure Box, Gold, Elixir

Collection: <will update soon>

 Zombie Mushmom
Level : 30
Map found in: Mid Forest
Spawn Location: Zombie Mushmom Area
Monster Drop:Mid Forest Mystery Box,Mid Forest Treasure Box, Gold, Elixir

Collection: <will update soon>

Mithril Mutae
Level : 35
Map found in: Subway
Spawn Location: Mithril Mutae Area
Monster Drop:Subway Mystery Box,Subway Treasure Box, Gold, Elixir
Collection: <will update soon>

Mr Alli
Level : 50
Map found in: Swampy Land
Spawn Location: Mr Alli Area
Monster Drop:Swampy Land Mystery Box,Swampy Land Treasure Box, Gold, Elixir
Collection: <will update soon>

Grey Yeti and King Pepe
Level : 20
Map found in: Sky Scraper
Spawn Location: Grey Yeti and King Pepe Area
Monster Drop:Sky Scraper Mystery Box,Sky Scraper Treasure Box, Gold, Elixir
Collection: <will update soon>

Maple Story Adventures Boss tips, tricks and secrets:

For more Maple Story Adventures Guide, check these link:

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Maple Story Adventures Guide : Monster Taming

Maple Story Adventures Guide : Monster Taming

 *This is a continuation from my first maple Story Adventure Guide. You can view the guide here

How do I tame monsters Maple Story Adventures?
How do I obtain pets Maple Story Adventures?
Okay, i decide to answer this two question in one post. First of all, lets cover on monster taming. To tame a monster in Maple Story Adventures is fairly easy, all you have to do is to hunt down the particular monster that you want to tame(you however need to kill it like a million times).

This feature is called monster mastery. Every time you encounter a monster, your monster book will keep a record of it. Every time you kill or defeat a monster, that monster's mastery level meter fills up. More information about the monster is revealed each time the mastery level increases. If the monster reaches a certain level or have been slain enough times, you can tame the monster and can be equipped like a pet.

To check your monster mastery, click on the collection button and choose monster. The monster mastery summary will show you the level of the monster, your monster mastery level, number of times slain, location and the collection items.

Here is a rough idea on the number of slain for each mastery:
  • 0 Star Mastery -Encountered: Slain 1 Monster
  • 1 Star Mastery -Registered: Slain 100 Monsters
  • 2 Star Mastery -Still Registered: Slain 900 Monsters
  • 3 Star Mastery -Tamed: Slain 2000 Monsters
  • 4 Star Mastery -Mastered: Slain 3000 Monsters
  • 5 Star Mastery : Slain 5000 Monsters